Panasonic JZ2000, JZ1500, JZ1000 Oled TV: 4K / 120 VRR full definition update

Good news for owners of a Panasonic JZ2000 / JZ1500 / JZ1000 Oled TV, the update announced by the manufacturer for the 4K / 120 VRR function is available (or in the process of being).

As indicated in our presentations of the 2021 Panasonic JZ2000, Panasonic JZ1500 and Panasonic JZ1000 Oled TV series (see for example our news (Update) 4K Ultra HD Oled TV Panasonic JZ1500, Panasonic JZ1000 and Panasonic JZ980: 48 '', 55 '' and 65 ''), displaying a 4K / 120 signal in VRR offered only half the vertical resolution, or 1,080 pixels in height instead of 2,160 pixels.

HDR Dolby Vision 60 Hz also on the menu

With this update (v 3.124), this same signal will therefore be displayed in full resolution, ie 3840 x 2160 pixels, for the frequency range 48 Hz to 120 hertz. Another addition linked to this Frmware update, the management of HDR Dolby Vision signals will be provided up to 60 hertz. Finally, the last good news is that the Panasonic JX940 and Panasonic JX970 LCD TV series are also affected by this software development.