Pamela Anderson's sextape becomes a series, trailer!

The Hulu platform has just unveiled the first trailer for the promising and sexy Pam & Tommy series. Pam for Pamela Anderson, Tommy for Tommy Lee…

The real-false resemblance of the actors to the real characters is striking, the tone quirky and sulphurous. It must be said that the first elements of this story which made the front page of the press at the time, when an electrician stole the sextape of the honeymoon of the borderline couple, are completely absurd.

Amazing Lily James and Sebastian Tan

The series features the tumultuous love story between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, the drummer of Mötley Crüe. The scandal of the sextape of Pamela Anderson (Lily James), the star of Alert in Malibu, and of Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee (Sebastian Tan on screen) had been resounding in the 90s. Seth Rogen plays the man who stole the sextape in the series, while Taylor Schillin plays his wife. The series consisting of 8 episodes will be available on the Hulu platform on February 2. We'll keep you posted for France.