Sony 360 Reality Audio on Amazon Music Unlimited and Android 12 Alicia Keys and Duran Duran testimonials

The Sony 360 Reality Audio spatial audio format continues to develop.

Sony announces several good news for the health of its proprietary 360 Reality Audio audio format, starting with the availability of compatible songs on the Amazon Music Unlimited platform. As a reminder, 360 Reality Audio technology generates a three-dimensional sound field for an immersion comparable to that of a live concert, taking into account the distance, angle and position of sound sources within an audio bubble. The format is also becoming supported by Android 12, making it easier for manufacturers to develop compatible devices - a way to reach a wider audience.

Talk to Tyler Ishida, Deputy Chairman of the Consumer Business Group Sony Electronics

"We are thrilled to expand the number of services and devices that allow listeners to experience the thrill of 360 Reality Audio," said Tyler Ishida, Deputy Chairman of the Consumer Business Group, Sony Electronics Inc. The Sound World of 360 Reality Audio is intensely immersive and it embodies our commitment to provide listeners with high quality sound in line with the true intent of the creators. "

The word to Andre Stapleton, responsible for artist relations and Amazon Music labels

"With Amazon Music, 360 Reality Audio content is accessible to even more consumers and fans of immersive content," said Andre Stapleton, Global Head of Artist and Label Relations at Amazon Music. Listening to music in 360 Reality Audio format is an eye opener, an experience that puts fans at the heart of their music, hence my eagerness to allow even more listeners to hear their favorite songs in 360 Reality Audio ”.

Alicia Keys has the floor

“Over the past year, my engineer Ann and I have been working hard to redesign my catalog in 360 Reality Audio format, a process that has led us to immerse ourselves in the music we love so much, Alicia Keys said. Achieving these spatial audio mixes gave birth to unforgettable moments, little details that define a song but tend to dissolve into the mix. I'm so proud of the results, and can't wait for you to fall back in love with my music in 360 Reality Audio on Amazon Music. ”

Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran has the floor

“Every significant technological innovation in the audio field always arouses in me, as an artist, the curiosity to explore its possibilities. I was thrilled when 360 Reality Audio first contacted Duran Duran to see if we would like to work together on creating content for their new music experience, said Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran. Once I understood how this technological advancement worked, especially for headphones, we immediately started experimenting with custom mixes from our new album Future Past. The sound is immersive and unique with headphones. The results are so promising that we now intend to gradually rework the entire Duran Duran catalog to allow listeners to rediscover all of our songs through this unique new prism. ”

Note that the number of titles compatible with 360 Reality Audio is now approaching 7,000, including artists like Alicia Keys, Doja Cat, Duran Duran, Lil Nas X, P! NK and Pink Floyd.