TV Oled LG 97 '' (246 cm) planned for 2022

After the launch of an 83 '' Oled TV in 2021, LG ELectronics' will be to accelerate even more on large screen sizes with the marketing of a 97 '' (246 cm) Oled TV in 2022. In any case, this is the information published by our Korean colleagues The Korea Bizwire.

And if the probability of counting from next year to the TV Oled LG range a 97 '' specimen, The Korea Bizwire even specifies that the Asian manufacturer would consider marketing in the near future Oled TVs with diagonals beyond of 100 '' (2.54 m).

Towards giant TV


This rush for very large diagonal screens, which started two years ago, is gaining momentum and is disrupting the global TV market. For information, the analysis and market research organization Omdia indicates that 75 '' (191 cm) TVs represented 14.6% of sales in value (up 4.4% compared to the same period last year) across the planet in the first half of 2021, illustrating consumers' appetite for this type of broadcasters.