Nintendo Switch-style Apple Silicon game console and new Apple TV in the works?

New rumors about a possible Apple game console, and also about a redesigned Apple TV box…

Already mentioned last May, the supposed Apple game console resurfaced via noises of corridors collected by idropnews. The machine would take the concept of the Nintendo Switch, namely that it would be portable with its own screen, but could also be connected to a television.

Apple Silicon game console more powerful than PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S

Games have also been in the works for a while, and there are even rumors that “Triple A” titles capable of competing with games like Nintendo's Mario Odyssey and Zelda Breath of the Wild are almost ready. On the technical side, thanks to an Apple Silicon chip, this console would be downright more powerful than the current PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. We finally learn that the machine would be compatible with the future augmented reality / virtual reality headset from Apple, which also only exists in the form of rumors.

New design for the next Apple TV?

Idropnews adds that a new Apple TV is in the works, with a completely redesigned design. This would be inspired by the new Siri remote, with straight edges like the iPhone 13, iPad Pro and iMac. The top of the TV box would be covered with plexiglass and the whole would be thinner than the current Apple TV (see photo below). Do these new products really exist? If so, would they be ready for presentation at the upcoming Apple conference on October 18? Or are they totally outlandish rumors? First elements of response in a few days.