After James Bond, Cary Fukunaga attacks Napoleon, Stanley Kubrick's aborted project

No Time To Die director Cary Fukunaga is relaunching a project close to his heart: the unrealized feature film by Stanley Kubrick.

The director has been linked to this project for five years, which was to take the form of a TV series produced by Steven Spielberg and intended for HBO. But the director hadn't talked about the project for a while…

In Kubrick's library

Recently, he confided on the subject to Collider: “I am currently working on the project, and have been for five years actually. So yes, I am totally involved. All the scripts for the episodes of the series are written, and we will be able to move on to the next step. I have spent a lot of time in the Stanley Kubrick archives in his home in St Albans with his wife Christiane and Jan Harlan, his brother-in-law. It's just amazing to have been able to work in Kubrick's library. ”

Everyone wants Cary

Note that the director recently directed the first episodes of Masters of the Air, the AppleTV + miniseries produced by Spielberg and which is none other than the sequel to Band of Brothers and The Pacific. Suffice to say that at the moment, and certainly thanks to the success of No Time To Die, the director is very popular!