€ 100 offered on PlayStation Store with the purchase of a Sony Bravia XR TV

On the occasion of the enhancement of the "Perfect for PlayStation 5" label for its 2021 televisions, Sony is giving a gift to buyers of Bravia XR televisions.

Sony recently announced two new features of the "Perfect for PlayStation 5" label, a certification ensuring that your television can best reproduce the capabilities of the new PlayStation 5 console.

5 Sony Bravia XR TV series affected

The opportunity for the brand to offer a PlayStation Store gift card worth 100 € to any buyer of a Bravia XR Sony 90J, Sony A80J, Zony Z9J, Sony X95J or Sony X90J television, models naturally all compatible with the famous label.

HDR Game Mode automatic

As a reminder, the two technical novelties are the automatic HDR mode and the automatic image mode: the first, which seems to be the Sony version of the HGiG (HDR Gaming Interest Group) mode, allows the console to recognize the model of the Bravia TV connected in order to choose the optimal HDR mode. The second, a kind of ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) function, allows the TV to detect if you are playing, in order to automatically switch to Game Mode to minimize latency and provide more responsive action.