Dali Equi: active wireless Hi-Fi / Home Cinema speakers Rubicon 8C and Oberon Vokal C

Remember, after the presentation of the Oberon C, at the end of October 2020 in one of our news we were talking about the imminent arrival of new wireless active speakers, including some Home Cinema references (see our Dali active speakers news) Home Cinema: central unit and wireless subwoofer approaching…). If since the Dali Rubicon 2C and Dali Rubicon 6C have emerged, other references arrive to constitute a real eco-system within the Dali range called Equi.

Intended for spring 2021, these new speakers are a few months late and their availability is finally announced for the month of October. As a reminder, Dali Equi speakers, wireless therefore, require the Dali Sound Hub or Dali Sound Hub Compact to operate. The latter ensures the transfer of the sound signal from the sound sources connected to the speakers.

Dali Rubicon 8C and Dali Oberon Vokal C

Thus, the Dali Rubicon 8C column (see photo at the bottom of this news) and the Dali Oberon Vokal C control unit (see photo below) join the Equi club, offering ever more possibilities for Hi-Fi enthusiasts or wireless home cinema. And if we do not yet know all the prices, the Danish manufacturer tells us that it will be possible to configure a 5.1 installation, from a Dali Oberon Vokal C plus four Oberon 1C (click to discover the complete test of these speakers by editorial staff) for a price of around 4000 euros.

Of course, it is possible to combine any Dali, Callisto C, Oberon C and Rubicon C wireless speaker to build a 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 system, or even to create a multiroom sound system with using the BluOS NPM-2i module to be inserted into the Dali Sound Hub. For example a pair of Rubicon 2C or Rubicon 6C headlamps for uncompromising Hi-Fi listening and a Dali Vokal C central unit accompanied by a pair of Dali Oberon 1C for the surrounds. And thus enjoy premium Hi-Fi and Home Cinema performance without any concern for sound coloring from one speaker to another, all specimens coming from the same manufacturer.

Dali Sound Hub Home Cinema 7.1 card

And as announced, these new wireless speakers are accompanied by a new 7.1 Home Cinema electronic card (see photo below) to be inserted in one of the free slots of the Dali Sound Hub (see photos below). above) already available in the catalog of the Scandinavian manufacturer, and supplied with the Dali Rubicon C series for example (see our complete test of the Dali Rubicon 2C + Sound Hub + BluOS NMP-1 system).

Dali WSR (Wireless Subwoofer Receiver) module

And while waiting to see one or more wireless subwoofers unload in the brand's catalog, Dali offers the WSR (Wireless Subwoofer Receiver), a universal module allowing any subwoofer on the market to be integrated into the within a Dali wireless pack. Nothing could be easier, therefore, to continue to enjoy your favorite subwoofer within a Dali wireless system. More details on the Dali Equi eco-system in a few days, once we have knowledge of the complete data sheets and prices.

Namely, Dali will be present at the Paris Audio Video Show on October 23 and 24, which will be held at the Novotel Paris Center Tour Eiffel, to dismantle an Equi 5.1 system.