Mandalorian feudal Japan version: high class figurines

What if the heroes of the Star Wars The Mandalorian series were transported to the samurai universe?

While Star Wars will reinvent itself in a Japanese animation style on September 22 on Disney +, the coincidences of the calendar see the company Meisho Movie Realization release its The Mandalorian figurines inspired by feudal Japan (reservations until September 24).

Kozure Ōkami, a father and his son

A not-so-crazy mix, knowing that many aspects of Star Wars are drawn from Japanese literature and cinema. The Mandalorian in particular is reminiscent of the Seventies manga Kozure Ōkami in which a fallen samurai travels through Japan accompanied by his very young son.

Maddening attention to detail

The figure duo in question represents the hero Mando in samurai version and little Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) with a cute traditional bun. The attention to detail is maddening. Mando is equipped with a saber with its scabbard, a rifle, a jet pack and several types of hand to carry his equipment, and even push Grogu's stroller. Indicative price: $ 139.99.