Photo or motorbike? It's necessary to choose…

Your iPhone may have a bad quarter of an hour if you use it on a motorcycle.

Apple recently published a support page warning iPhone users that vibrations generated by powerful motorcycle engines can damage their smartphone's photo sensor, especially when the device is in direct contact with the vehicle.

Precision and vibration do not mix

This problem occurs in particular because of the way in which the photo modules are designed since the iPhone 7 of 2016. The sensors are indeed equipped with an image stabilizer and / or a closed-loop autofocus, technologies that work by moving the camera lens away from the movement of the smartphone, in order to compensate for the latter. A precision mechanical system therefore, which can be damaged due to "direct and long-term exposure to high amplitude vibrations in certain frequency ranges".

Apple even recommends not hooking your iPhone to less powerful vehicles like scooters and electric scooters to minimize the risk.