Samsung Isocell HP1, the first 200 Mpxls sensor for smartphones

Samsung launches the very first mobile photo sensor reaching 200 Mpxls resolution, the Isocell HP1.

As expected by rumors earlier this year, Samsung recently announced the production of the world's first 200 Mpxls (16,384 x 12,288 pixels) smartphone photo sensor, named Isocell HP1.

ChameleonCell Technology at Work

With a size of 1 / 1.22 '' and with photosites of 0.64 μm, it is equipped with ChameleonCell technology, allowing for better quality in low light conditions. To summarize, this system makes it possible to combine the pixels in groups of 2 x 2 by increasing the resolution to 50 Mpxls and the size of the photosites to 1.28 µm, or 4 x 4 by increasing the resolution to 12.5 Mpxls and the size of the photosites at 2.65 μm (see visual above).

8K / 30 or 4K / 120 video capture

Note also the possibility of capturing videos in Ultra HD 8K format at 30 frames / second, and Ultra HD 4K at 120 frames / second for magnificent slow motion. The sensor is currently available in the form of samples for smartphone manufacturers, and the first models to be equipped with it will arrive in 2022. We strongly suspect that the next Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be equipped with it.