Chris Hemsworth reveals his insane workout for Tyler Rake 2 (video)

Comedian Chris Hemsworth is training like crazy ahead of the shooting of Tyler Rake 2 for Netflix.

The Australian actor has just posted a video on his social networks to highlight some of the extraordinary training he needs before shooting the sequel to Tyler Rake, the film by brothers Joe and Anthony Russo (Avengers: Endgame).

In Chris Hemsworth's gym

He specifies: “I'm getting ready for the sequel to Tyler Rake on Netflix. I'm transitioning from heavy weight training to a routine aimed at building agility, strength and speed, and concluding, “Try this little workout and your lungs will be screaming thank you.”

Before giving your training checklist: 3 minutes of boxing, 50 squats (lower body), 40 sit thrus (mobility), 20 sets for each core training movement, 25 push-ups (upper body), 2 minutes rest, four sets in total.

So obviously, do not do this without the advice of a doctor, a nutritionist, your whole family and within 50 m of a defibrillator!