Matrix Resurrections Trailer, le kif!

The production of Matrix 4 aka Matrix Resurrections, the fourth installment of the cinematographic saga, immediately unveils the trailer for the film.

The wait will have been all the longer since the film is expected in barely three months, on December 15, and that until then, nothing had filtered except a few images of the making of shown at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. After the seven teasers unveiled yesterday (with lines of code, small pills and familiar soundscape), here is finally the long awaited official trailer. And she deposits.

The photo is sublime (signed Daniele Massaccesi and John Toll, Sense8), the music is intense, the characters inevitably iconic. A big aesthetic kif which is part of a powerful mythology which dates back to 1999 with Matrix (the rabbit, Alice in Wonderland, the pills, the chosen one…). Matrix Resurrections, the fight continues.