From beating, his heart did not stop, thanks to the Apple Watch

The electrocardiogram on the Apple smartwatch detected a heart defect before it was too late.

New episode in our “Apple Watch Saves Another Life” series. And this time it was Yolie De Leon, a 70-year-old woman from Tucson, Arizona, who benefited from the health features of the Apple smartwatch.

Hello, doctor?

At the beginning of June, she does not feel well and feels a throbbing in the level of the chest. She takes a look at the EKG on her Apple Watch which shows a heart rate of 174 and "you are in AFib, call a doctor immediately." AFib, or atrial fibrillation, is an irregular heartbeat that can cause a stroke, blood clots, heart failure, and other serious effects.

Tim Cook received a message

In the hospital, after conducting their own examinations, doctors were struck by the accuracy of the Apple Watch diagnosis. After a week of care, Yolie emerged unscathed from this incident and thanked Tim Cook, Apple CEO, by mail, who was quick to respond: “I'm so glad you asked for medical help and that you were treated properly. Thanks for sharing this story. It inspires us and pushes us to move forward ”. Source: Fox29