Netflix (discreetly) eliminates the Essential option

Progressively, country by country, Netflix users are observing the disappearance of the Essential option in favor of the new Essential with advertising offer.

Little reminder. In most countries, notably France, Netflix still offers four subscription options: the most recent Essential with advertising (€5.99/month with us), and the original Essential (€8.99), Standard (€13). .49 €) and Premium (17.99 €).

Since last year, the Essential offer is no longer available in the United States, and Netflix continues its erasure across the world, starting with the United Kingdom and Canada, as evidenced by several users of the platform.

You have a message (from Netflix)££££

Subscribers to the Essential option receive this type of message: “Your last day to watch Netflix is July 13 (or other date). Choose a new offer to continue watching.” Then users are directed to another option: cheaper with Essential with advertising, or more expensive with Standard or Premium. In any case, a more profitable choice for Netflix.

There is no doubt that more and more countries, including France, will soon be affected by this change.