New iPad and iPad Mini this year?

After new iPad Pro and iPad Air a few weeks ago, Apple could launch two additional tablets by the end of the year, iPad Mini and new generation basic iPad.

While the iPad Pro with the powerful M4 chip was released recently, a new version with the M5 chip is already planned. But that's for later, because other tablets are apparently arriving before the end of this year.

AI (Apple Intelligence) only for the new iPad Mini££££

This is what the “leaker” reveals who recently announced that the four iPhone 16s would all benefit from the same processor. According to the mentions discovered in Apple's backend code, this year we would have an iPad mini (7th generation), an iPad (11th generation) and later therefore an iPad Pro M5.

The normal iPad would a priori be equipped with an A16 chip, the same one used in the 2022 iPhone 14 Pro, therefore not the most recent but much better than the A14 of the previous iPad. The iPad Mini will be equipped with an A17 processor, the one that equips the iPhone 15 Pro and which would normally allow the exploitation of the new Apple Intelligence AI features.