Play Xbox on Fire TV

Fire TV owners can now access Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games without owning a console.

Amazon and Xbox are collaborating to bring the Xbox app to [abc]streaming[/abc] Fire TV boxes (Fire TV Stick 4K Max 2023 and Fire TV Stick 4K 2023).

Fire TV and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate hand in hand££££

In other words, you can play the hundred games from the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate catalog directly on your TV in streaming, via the Fire TV, without even needing an Xbox console. Necessary conditions, own the appropriate Fire TV of course, have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, a compatible [abc]Bluetooth[/abc] controller, as well as a solid internet connection.

The floor to Amazon££££

"This announcement continues Amazon's commitment to delivering the best entertainment experiences to its customers, including leading Cloud Gaming options," Amazon said. For casual gamers or newbies, this is an easy and inexpensive entry point to explore the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate catalog. Hardcore gamers can use it as a convenient way to play on another TV or take their games with them while traveling.”