What are the most profitable licenses of all time?

Disney and Japan monopolize the first places in the ranking of the biggest cultural franchises in terms of turnover.

Appeared in a GameBoy video game in 1996, Pokémon is still at the top of the ranking of the most lucrative licenses of all time with 147 billion dollars in turnover to date. Second place goes to another Japanese creation, Hello Kitty, which accumulates some 89 billion dollars.

Honey for Disney££££

In third place comes Winnie the Pooh owned by Disney. An empire well placed in this ranking, since it is also represented by Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Disney princesses and even the Marvel Universe. Not so bad, this idea from Disney to buy Marvel in 2009 and Lucasfilm in 2012…

Congratulations to Japan too, whose licenses are infiltrating all genres: video games, manga, animated series, toys and even parks. 'attractions. Also note the recent successes which have reached a new audience with the (successful) film/series adaptations for Mario, Barbie and One Piece (Netflix version).