The Lego version of Jaws: stunning!

To mark the release of its all-new Jaws set this summer, the Lego Company has released a 90-second time-lapse in-house remake of Steven Spielberg's iconic 1975 blockbuster. And there's some creative genius in there.

All the iconic moments of Steven Spielberg's cult film have been recreated in a Lego version, from the opening sequence to the moment when Quint runs his hand over the blackboard, including the trio of Brody, Quint and Hooper in the boat at sea, trying to launch the shark cage…

Children (and others) will love££££

A very nice little 90-second promotional film, inventive, original and so referential that you won't get tired of watching it several times. Not to mention the very end which pays homage to Spielberg himself and to “Bruce”, the famous mechanical shark who proved to be a rather problematic factor throughout the production of the film. The Lego Jaws set, which consists of 1,497 pieces, is scheduled to be released on August 6. It faithfully recreates the scene just before Quint was caught in the jaws of the shark, on the deck of the Orca.

Announcing the LEGO Jaws set!➡️ 1,497 Pieces➡️ $149.99 / €149.99 / £129.99 / 199.99 CAD / 249.99 AUD➡️ Available August 3 to Insiders / August 6 worldwideWhat do you think? Do you plan to purchase this set?

— Beyond the Brick (@BeyondtheBrick) July 4, 2024