TCL 115X955 Max, QD Mini LED TV 115" (292 cm): reference update

Return once again to the TCL Many of you have asked us the difference between TCL 115X955 and TCL 115X955 Max. It's simple, there isn't one.

As a reminder, the QD Mini LED TV series has three references, the TCL 85X955 (216 cm), TCL 98X955 (249 cm) and the monstrous TCL 115X955 (292 cm). If the prefix “X” at TCL previously referred to the definition [abc]8K[/abc], the TCL X955 series is of [abc]Ultra HD[/abc] [abc]4K[/abc] nature. Of course, the design remains decidedly premium. Likewise, the 115" model has since its availability in France (at the beginning of spring) been given the Max suffix, just to mark the occasion and to let everyone know that this television offers the maximum diagonal on the market. As some have told us pointed out in recent weeks, we did not specify it, the TV does not evolve in any way apart from its surname. It is now done.

TCL X955, 5th generation OD5 Mini LED backlighting and new LED££. ££ Models [abc]Ultra HD[/abc] [abc]4K[/abc] [abc]LCD[/abc] VA 144 Hz, TCL X955 televisions are equipped with an advanced fifth generation Mini LED system called OD5 (distance between the backlighting system and the LCD panel of 5 mm) which allows an extremely thin screen. The panel is of course 10-bit native.

In terms of areas, televisions. X955 represent the brand's ultimate, they are much better equipped than all the other series: 5,184 zones exactly (20,736 on the 115''), not one less, on all diagonals. Precision, the TCL degrees.

The lens makes it possible to control the diffusion of light to, on the one hand, significantly improve the uniformity of the panel (eliminate Clouding), by 60.63% says the brand, on the other hand reduce to almost nothing the phenomenon of halo (Blooming) on the white or shiny elements of the image on a black background.

Good news, we find on the backlighting system of the fifth generation TCL 2,000 nits, HDR10+, Dolby Vision/Atmos, 144 Hz and Google TV). Firstly, diodes that are all strictly identical, particularly in terms of efficiency (electrical efficiency, wavelength, power) to ensure perfect homogeneity of the image, but also in colorimetric terms for total uniformity and to combat the effect Demura (also called Clouding) directly from the backlight system, and no longer just at the LCD panel. Likewise, these onboard LEDs are capable of changing state extremely quickly, a period of time less than that necessary to display an image, even with a 120 hertz signal. Called Direct Drive by TCL, this feature eliminates shadow problems on moving objects.

Likewise, the LEDs of TCL X955 TVs offer ultra-precise control of the brightness delivered on a million bearings, depending on the brand. Thus, the slightest variations in the image are taken into account and reproduced on the screen for increased realism.

In addition to a reduced optical distance and an increased number of zones, the Mini LED backlighting system of the X955 screens counts another new feature. Called Dynamic Alpha Technology, it allows you to vary the brightness of each of the Mini LED zones over 16 levels. This fine setting allows for example to specifically manage the brightness of the areas adjacent to the subtitles of a film in the Cinemascope black band, by imperceptibly graying out the black with the aim of further eliminating the off-axis Blooming phenomenon. Likewise, the Dynamic Alpha Technology function helps improve the uniformity of the panel.

In total, the backlighting system of TCL the 85''/98''££££ On the menu of technical characteristics, the TCL 85X955 and TCL 98X955 televisions display the Dual 5000 label, i.e. a light peak of 5,500 nits in addition to the 5,000 zones already mentioned. As mentioned above, while the 115'' boasts a peak light of 5,000 nits, it has more than 20,000 zones. As usual, QLED (Quantum Dots or QD) technology allows 98% coverage of the DCI-P3 gamut. We of course find the new AiPQ 3.0 video processing (called AiPQ Ultra in the USA) with a PPI 5000 fluidity index and high-end anti-reflective treatment. A single remote control, made of metal and equipped with buttons 0 to 9, accompanies TCL X955 TVs.

TCL with HFR 4K/120, eARC (HDMI 4), VRR (48 Hz to 144 Hz), FreeSync Premium Pro and ALLM compatibility. Also present are an [abc]Composite[/abc] input, an [abc]optical[/abc] output, three [abc]USB[/abc] 2.0 ports, an [abc]Ethernet[/abc] port, a headphones plus a [abc]CI+ port[/abc].

Management of HDR10, [abc]HDR10+[/abc] and [abc]HDR Dolby Vision[/abc] technologies, associated with the Dolby Vision IQ functionality (brightness sensor) is required. We can also mention MEMC 120 Hz motion compensation and an anti-blue light mode.

TCL X955, sound section 4.2.2££££ Sound equipment 4.2.2 (two sound boxes bass therefore) delivers total power of 160 watts. [abc]Dolby Atmos[/abc], [abc]DTS-HD[/abc] and DTS Virtual:X compatibility are on the program. To be precise, the TCL

TCL X955, Smart Google TV££££ Of course, like their predecessors, the TCL X955 TVs feature the Smart Google TV function (Android 12). For connectivity, the Wi-Fi 6 function is required in addition to Bluetooth 5.0. We still notice the [abc]AirPlay 2[/abc]/HomeKit and Works with Alexa certifications (requires an Amazon Echo type speaker). In addition to having an internet browser, Voice Search and Chromecast functions, offering access to the Google Play Store with several thousand free applications, we find multi-account management, PIP, the Cast function efficient on Ultra HD content, multitasking management to navigate between several applications, quick access to favorite content via an overlay side information bar, Google Assistant compatibility, the Google Meet application and the Hands free Voice Control function ( voice control of the TV) without the need for a remote control (miro integrated into the TV).

TCL video games with the new Game Master Pro 2.0 functionality. In addition to managing the 144 Hz frequency, FreeSync and direct access to various TV parameters to optimize the video game experience, TCL X955 TVs feature minimal Input Lag, less than 6 ms in the presence of a 120 Hz signal. hertz. Finally, as on the TCL C645 TVs (see our TCL C645 news, QLED Ultra HD 4K HDR TV Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos + VRR 120 Hz 1080p + Google TV), DLG (Dual Line Gate) technology is part of the festivities . The latter, by halving the vertical resolution (therefore to [abc]1080p[/abc] and not [abc]2 160p[/abc]), offers a 240 Hz display for a smoother and more pleasant video gaming experience.


Immediate availability for the TCL 85X955 and TCL 98X955 models, early April 2024 for the TCL 115X955. Indicative prices: €4,599 for the TCL 85X955, €7,999 for the TCL 98X955 and €24,999 for the TCL 115X955.

Reminder of the key characteristics of the TCL X955 TVs:

• 10-bit panel

• [abc]LCD[/abc] VA panel

• [abc]Ultra HD[/abc]/[abc]4K[/abc]


• 144 Hz panel

• Processor: Quad Core

• Mega Contrast contrast enhancement function

• Wide Color Gamut function

• UHD Color Extender function

• Multimedia gateway function [abc]UPnP[/abc ] ([abc]DLNA[/abc])

• DVR function

• [abc]eARC[/abc]


• [abc]VRR[/abc] function

• [abc]ALLM[/abc] function (Auto Low Latency Mode)

• 4K HFR 120 function

• Quantum Dots function

• UHD Super Resolution function

• AiPQ 3.0 function Engine

• Game Master Pro 2.0 function

• DLG 240 Hz function

• [abc]HDR10[/abc] and [abc]HDR HLG[/abc]


• Compatibility [abc]HDR10+[/abc]

• Compatibility [abc]Miracast[/abc]

• Compatibility [abc]HDR Dolby Vision[/abc]

• Compatibility [abc]HEVC[/ abc]

• [abc]Dolby Atmos[/abc]


• [abc]HBBTV[/abc]


• FreeSync compatibility

• [abc]CEC[/ compatibility abc]

• Compatibility [abc]Canal Ready[/abc]

• Compatibility [abc]Bluetooth[/abc] 5.0

• Compatibility DTS Virtual:X

• Compatibility [abc ]DTS-HD[/abc]

• Compatibility [abc]HDCP[/abc] 2.3

• Compatibility [abc]Wi-Fi[/abc] ax

• Outputs: 1 optical, 1 headset

• Inputs: 4 [abc]HDMI[/abc] 2.1 inputs, 1 [abc]Composite[/abc], 3 USB Host 3.0 port, 1 Ethernet port, 1 [abc]CI+ port[/abc ]

• Multimedia [abc]AirPlay 2[/abc]

• HomeKit multimedia

• Google Assistant multimedia

• Works with Alexa multimedia

• Google TV multimedia

• Google Meet Multimedia

• MEMC Motion Compensation

• Mini Backlight System [abc]LED[/abc] [abc]Local Dimming[/abc]

• Input Lag: < 6 ms

• Number of zone(s): 5,184 (20,736 on the 115'')

• Light peak: 5,000 nits

• Tuner [abc]DVB-T[/ abc]2

• Tuner [abc]DVB-C[/abc]

• Tuner [abc]DVB-S[/abc]2

• Sound section: 4.2.2

• Power: 160 W