A18 chip on all iPhone 16s?

While Apple had gotten into the habit of providing the two “Pro” iPhones with a more powerful processor than that of the non-Pro, the iPhone 16 range could mark a return to equality between its four models.

Mentions unearthed in the lines of code of Apple's backend suggest that the four iPhone 16s will all benefit from the same A18 processor, corroborating previous rumors on this subject.

A18 processor for everyone££££

As a reminder, one of the points of difference between the Pro and non-Pro models of the latest iPhone ranges comes from the processor. For example, A16 for iPhone 15/15 Plus, and A17 for iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max. Where we therefore expected the iPhone 16s to remain on the A17 and the iPhone 16 Pros to move to the A18, the four iPhone 16s will all be equipped with an A18.

AI in the crosshairs£ £££

Probable reason for this upgrade, the arrival of Apple on the AI with Apple Intelligence. The manufacturer cannot afford to leave two models behind if it goes all out on these new features around artificial intelligence. Note, however, that the A18s of the Pro and non-Pro iPhones could still be differentiated by a few characteristics to justify the superiority and price of the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max over the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus.