Useless PS5 Pro?

An improved PlayStation 5 is supposed to arrive at the end of the year, and some video game professionals don't really see the point, arguing that the current console has not yet been exploited to its full potential.

During a recent podcast, Christopher Dring from reported on the opinions of certain developers about the PS5 Pro, collected during the last Games Developer Conference 2024 towards the end of March.

Classic PS5, still potential to exploit?££££

As a reminder, the PS5 Pro - still in the state of rumors - is an improvement of the PlayStation 5 supposed to be released at the end of the year . Good news a priori, but not necessarily for all video game developers, some considering that the current PS5 is far from having yet shown everything it can do. Example cited, many PS5 games have difficulty reaching 60 frames per second in Performance mode while maintaining correct visual quality (1080p or 1440p).

PS5 Pro, major developments yet understated…££££

If we can hear these arguments, we are quickly forgetting some major developments suspected for the PS5 Pro. Indeed, if the processor of the PS5 Pro will not be significantly improved, so as to ensure backward compatibility, the console should nevertheless stand out in terms of graphics with, for example, the much easier implementation of Ray Tracing and an upgrade. superior quality scaling via various AI algorithms, including Sony's PSSR (PlayStation Spatial Super Resolution).