Micro LED by Apple, it's over (for now)

However, working on the subject for almost ten years, Apple finally abandoned the project of producing its own Micro LED screens.

After the Apple Car, another Apple project fell through: the company will no longer produce its own Micro LED screens. This is what the latest indiscretions collected by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reveal.

Micro LED screens, 1 billion dollars invested to see££££

The company had invested more than 1 billion dollars in this project since 2014. Goal of the maneuver, less dependence on screen manufacturers , notably Samsung Display. Apple initially wanted to integrate Micro LED technology into the small screens of its Apple Watches before moving to larger devices like the iPhone, due to the high cost and production difficulties of this technology.

Micro LED screens postponed indefinitely, heading for the Oled££££

And these are the reasons which will have put an end to the project: too expensive and too complex. Apple is now reorganizing the teams concerned, a reorganization notably involving layoffs in the USA and Asia. Apple will now focus on Oled, even if Micro LED remains a possibility for a more distant future.