Force of Nature: the Dry 2, the call of the forest

IFC Releasing has just revealed a first trailer for Force of Nature: the Dry 2, the sequel to the excellent 2020 Australian rural noir thriller (Canicule), again with Eric Bana.

Majestic captivating settings, haunting music, taciturn investigator (Eric Bana), visibly complex plot… it almost feels like a film labeled “True Detective”.

In the heart of Australia££££

Based on the novels by Jane Harper, the films feature Australian federal agent Aaron Falk in different stories. Force of Nature is the second novel in the trilogy. The official synopsis states: “Five women participate in a nature retreat. Only four come out. Federal agents Erik Falk and Carmen Cooper head deep into the mountains to investigate, hoping to find the fifth person alive.

Robert Connolly directs this new opus, while Eric Bana returns to Aaron Falk's costume, also with Jacqueline McKenzie and Anna Torv (The Last of Us, Profession: Reporter) in the cast. Force of Nature: the Dry 2, which has just been released in Australia, will arrive in theaters in the USA on May 10. No release date in France yet.