Prototype portable Xbox console under study at Mircosoft?

Various persistent rumors evoke the experimentation of prototype portable consoles at Microsoft at the time of writing these lines.

The Nintendo Switch console initially, then the portable PC consoles Steam Deck, Asus ROG Ally, Lonovo Legion Go, MSI Claw… then proved that some consumers were ready to spend a little money to acquire a portable product, therefore nomadic, to enjoy your favorite games via Cloud Gaming or directly from the device's SSD.

Xbox portable PC console, Microsoft does not deny it therefore exists?££££

Obviously, the commercial success of this new segment of the video game market interests Microsoft which has been campaigning for dematerialized gaming for several years (see the Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Cloud Gaming services). The news comes from a recent episode of the Xbox Two Podcast in which Windows Central's Jez Corden says Microsoft has new portable gaming technology in the early stages of prototype development. He specifies that nothing is certain but he adds that during his investigation, none of his contacts within the Richmond firm refuted his statements. He adds: “You know how much of my reporting is based on disproving things? No one has disproved a handheld. The fact that no one has refuted it suggests they are exploring it,” Jez Corden said.

After having developed the Cloud Gaming market to play its Xbox games on all existing hardware platforms, or almost, Microsoft could well complete its strategy by offering in the future, probably at the end of the year, a portable PC console. Response within a few months…