Osamu Tezuka and Takashi Miike, two legends for the iPhone 15 Pro

Apple once again shows off the cinematic capabilities of its latest iPhone with the live adaptation of an “ancestral” manga by the craziest of Japanese directors.

In its promotional series “filmed with iPhone”, Apple this time gave carte blanche to Japanese director Takashi Miike (known for his “no limits” style) for the adaptation of Midnight, one of the father's mangas founder of the genre, Osamu Tezuka.

Large production for an iPhone film££££

At the same time frenetic, kitsch and unexpected, this story of a vigilante night-owl taxi driver leaves us with an ending that is not one and we makes us impatiently wait for the sequel... which will probably never happen unfortunately, which does not prevent us from being ecstatic about this achievement entirely made with the iPhone 15 Pro, its Cinematic mode, the stabilization of the Action mode and even the LiDAR sensor to scan 3D objects for visual effects.

Thanks to the iPhone on the one hand, but above all to the team and the professional means deployed for the occasion: stabilization equipment, lighting, sets , stuntmen and completely crazy actors. A little making of is also available for behind-the-scenes fans.