Apple generates $3,000 in net profit… per second

How much money did GAMAMs -Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft- make every second of the year 2023?

With billions of dollars raked in every year, we no longer even realize the wealth of the big tech companies, Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft, also known by the acronym GAMAM (formerly GAFAM) .

Apple earns $3,074 net per second…££££

To better realize the astronomical scale of their profits, Statista had fun reporting them in the form of dollars earned per second. Thus, over the twelve months until September 30, 2023, Apple pocketed $97 million in profits, or $3,074 per second. Next come Microsoft and Alphabet with respectively 2,443 and 2,115 dollars per second over this same period.

We let you discover the results of the two other companies in the illustration below.