360 Audio available on Samsung Smart TV 2024 True Wireless Galaxy Buds 2/Buds 2 Pro

360 Audio compatibility to enjoy spatial sound with Galaxy Buds 2/Buds 2 Pro headphones is coming to Samsung Smart TVs from 2024.

Samsung announced on February 20 on its site, the 360 Audio reproduction standard for compatible headphones, known under the name Spatial Audio at Apple, is arriving on Samsung connected televisions from 2024 (models S95D, S90D, S85D, QN900D, QN800D, QN95D, QN90D, QN85D, Q80D, Q70D) via a Firmware update planned in the coming weeks/months.

360 Audio TV, a first on Samsung Smart TV££££

Samsung is therefore the first TV manufacturer to support 360 Audio technology, via its True Wireless headphones suitable for Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. Namely, the Head Tracking functionality will still be there. Please note, however, unlike the Spatial Audio process offered by Apple via its Apple TV 4K box and Airpods, Dolby Atmos sound coding will not be accessible on Samsung Smart TVs in 360 Audio mode.

Samsung has its say£ £££

“The best audio systems put users at the center of the action, and 360 Audio delivers ambient sound from all directions, Samsung says. Previously supported on phones and tablets, 360 Audio will now be available on TVs, providing a home theater-like experience. Galaxy Buds will also be able to track your head movements to create a truly immersive sound field.”