Apple Vision Pro, 4 times faster than the competition

Following rigorous benchmarking, the real-world display of Apple's new headset has significantly less latency than the Meta Quest 3 and other competitors.

Mark Zuckerberg may maintain that his Meta Quest 3 headset is a “better product” than the new Apple Vision Pro, but he forgets to mention that its competitor – seven times more expensive, it is true – technically plays in another division.

Comparative analysis Apple Vision Pro, HTC Vive electronic. The company tested the speed of the Pass-Through functionality of four headsets, or their ability to display the real world while virtual elements are juxtaposed. Unsurprisingly, among the models tested - Apple Vision Pro, HTC Vive , or approximately four times faster display.

To Tommi Björk of OptoFidelity££££

; “Mixed reality devices are complex devices made up of multiple components that work together, aiming for total immersion,” wrote Tommi Björk of OptoFidelity. One of the biggest challenges with mixed reality devices has been seamless latency. With the new Apple Vision Pro now available, we wanted to see how it compares to other mixed reality devices available.”