The public increasingly invested in VOD

After two years of declining interest, in 2023, viewers once again spent more time watching video content.

According to the firm NPAW, specialist in streaming statistics, worldwide in 2023, the average time spent per user watching VOD content (streaming included) increased by 12% compared to the previous year. For linear TV, this figure increased by only 4%.

Series dominate viewing time ££££

Episodic content, such as series, dominates the VOD sector, representing 67% of viewing time. Films represent 26%, increasing their share compared to last year. The firm also indicates an increase in the quality of streaming, with a “buffer” rate dropping by 38% and an average increase in the transfer rate.

Films and series on the big TV screen££££On the viewing side, large screens are extending their dominance with usage time increasing by 8% thanks to the growth in Smart TV sales. An observation which confirms that consumers prefer to watch their films and series in large format, reserving smartphones for social networks or occasional viewing.