iPhone 15 Pro Max Vs Galaxy S24 Ultra: which is the more “titanic” of the two?

New point in common between the two leading figures in the smartphone market: titanium. But between Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max and Samsung's Galaxy S24 Ultra, which is better equipped with semi-precious material?

The big manufacturers are often just a stone's throw from each other when it comes to introducing something new, and it's no surprise that Samsung recently included a titanium surround on its Galaxy smartphone S24 Ultra, just a few months after the iPhone 15 Pro Max from Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, fireproof (1,100 degrees)££££

Usually specializing in durability tests of electronic gadgets, the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything is this time looking to find out who is the more “titanic” of the two devices, i.e. which contains the most titanium. After having stripped the Apple model, Jerry tackles the Samsung device to refine his comparison. Knowing that the edge of the Galaxy S24 Ultra is made of titanium attached to plastic and aluminum, we must first get rid of these plebeian materials and then properly weigh the noble part. No other solution therefore than to immerse the element in an industrial furnace capable of rising to 1,100°, since plastic melts at around 150°, and aluminum at 650° (well beyond for titanium, therefore ).

The iPhone wins the match of the titans££££

Once the operation is completed, the measurement can be made. Knowing that the iPhone's titanium is of better quality (grade 5) than that of the Samsung (grade 2), Jerry deduces that Apple's device carries around $10 to $15 worth of titanium compared to $3 to $5 $ in the Korean model. That's it, you know everything, but we still recommend the video to see things burning.