Samsung TV Oled 2024, what references with a QD Oled or White Oled panel?

Following the World of Samsung 2024 European conference which was held the day before yesterday in Frankfurt, we know a little more about the brand's three Oled TV series, the Samsung Q85D, Samsung Q90D and Samsung S95D, and about the nature of onboard Oled panels.

With on the one hand the announcement at the CES show in Las Vegas of three Oled TV series for 2024 composed of new 42'', 48'' and 83'' diagonals, and on the other hand a five-year agreement entered into with LG Display (see our news Samsung Oled/LCD TV Agreement and LG Display, it is signed for 5 years!), the question of the ventilation of QD Oled/Woled panels according to series and references arises: what type Oled panel for which model? And this, even if Samsung limits itself to the single communication: “They are all Samsung Oleds”. By questioning several managers present on site, we obtained answers.

Samsung S95D with QD Oled panels and Samsung S85D with White Oled panels££££

To make a long story short, the references Samsung TQ55S95D (55'', 140 cm), Samsung TQ65S95D (65'', 165 cm) and Samsung TQ77S95D (75'', 191 cm) will all be equipped with a latest generation QD Oled panel (see our CES 24 news > 3rd generation QD Oled TV: light peak at more than 3,000 nits according to Samsung Display). Likewise, the five references of the Samsung S85D series announced at CES 2024 and planned around summer, Samsung TQ42S85D (42'', 107 cm), Samsung TQ48S85D (48'', 122 cm), Samsung TQ55S85D (55 '', 140 cm), Samsung TQ65S85D (65'', 165 cm) and Samsung TQ77S85D (75'', 191 cm), will all be equipped with a White Oled panel from LG Display.

Samsung S90D: mix of QD Oled/Woled panels, sometimes on the same diagonal££££

It looks more complicated with the Samsung S90D series and its references Samsung TQ48S90D (48'', 122 cm) , Samsung TQ55S90D (55'', 140 cm), Samsung TQ65S90D (65'', 165 cm), Samsung TQ77S90D (77'', 196 cm) and Samsung TQ83S90D (83'', 211 cm). Namely, a Samsung TQ42S90D model (42'', 107 cm) exists but, according to the latest news, it will not be distributed in Europe. If it is easy to predict that the 48'' and 83'' specimens will be equipped with a White Oled panel, Samsung Display not manufacturing QD Oled panels of this size, the doubt concerns the 55'', 65' diagonals ' and 77 inches. After questioning all the Samsung managers on site, or almost, it appears that only the 65'' size would be 100% QD Oled and that a mix is possible for the 55'' and 77'', QD Oled panels. or Woled.

Precision, this observation is valid at the time of writing these lines. Will the manufacturer Samsung distribute in France (or in Europe) 55S90D/77S90D TVs only QD Oled, like 100% Gen2 QD Oled panels on the S90C vintage 2023 (and not a mix of QD Oled Gen1 panels /Gen2 mixing stock of 2022 panels and new 2023 panels, see our news Samsung S90C, QD Oled Ultra HD 4K TV 55'', 65'' and 77'' with light peak at +1,500 nits), or not? Response in a few months.