Apple Vision Pro dissected, fragile hearts refrain (video)

If you were wondering what the insides of the new Apple Vision Pro headset look like, you've got your answer.

Be careful, you'll have to have your heart set. The video below shows a brand new Apple Vision Pro undergoing the worst tortures, in the name of science (and also a bit of perversion).

Torture workshop for the Apple Vision Pro££££

The YouTube channel JerryRigEverything specializes in testing the strength of electronic gadgets, in order to verify manufacturers' claims regarding the robustness of their devices. And after Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max, it's the turn of the Apple Vision Pro to go on its torture table. Apple's new headset has suffered blows from a cutter, folding attempts (generally unsuccessful) and even flames on its magnificent strap. Conclusion: the device is not immortal and proves particularly difficult to dismantle without violence, generating doubts as to the possibility of easily repairing it in the event of a breakdown.

Apple Vision Pro outraged: results of the races…££££

A few general observations following watching the video (below): the external part of the protective glass is made of plastic, therefore scratching extremely easily ; the fabric strap is obviously not fire resistant; no screws visible on the surface, and you have to work hard to get to the heart of the device and finally observe the first screws (non-standard obviously).