Samsung TV Oled, QLED and Neo QLED reimbursement offer, up to €500 reimbursed

Since February 7 and until March 7 inclusive, Samsung has been offering the “Samsung TV for every desire” reimbursement offer for its 2023 Neo QLED, Oled and Lifestyle TV range, the amount of which can reach 500 euros.

Until March 7, 2024, for any purchase of a television listed below (click on its reference to find out more about the product), the brand will reimburse you:

• €50 for a Samsung 43Q60C TV, Samsung 43Q65C or Samsung 43Q68C

• €100 for a TV The Serif Samsung TQ43LS01B, The Frame Samsung TQ43LS03B, Samsung 50Q60C, Samsung 50Q65C, Samsung 50Q68C, Samsung TQ50LS01B, Samsung TQ50LS03B, Samsung 55Q60C, Samsung 55Q65C, Samsung 55Q6 8C, Samsung TQ55QN85C, Samsung TQ55QN86C, Samsung TQ55QN90C, Samsung TQ55LS01B, Samsung 65Q60C, Samsung 65Q65C, Samsung 65Q68C or Samsung TQ65LS01B

• €200 for a TV Samsung TQ55S90C, Samsung TQ55S92C, Samsung TQ55S95C, Samsung TQ55LS03B, Samsung TQ65 QN85C, Samsung TQ65QN86C, Samsung TQ65QN90C, Samsung TQ65S90C, Samsung TQ65S92C, Samsung TQ65LS03B, Samsung 75Q60C, Samsung 75Q64C, Samsung 75Q65C, Samsung 75Q67C, Samsung 75Q68C, Samsung TQ75QN85C or Samsung TQ75QN86C

• €300 for a TV The Sero Samsung TQ43LS05B, Samsung TQ55 QN95C, Samsung TQ65QN95C, Samsung TQ65S95C, Samsung TQ75LS03B, Samsung TQ77S90C or Samsung TQ77S92C

• €500 for a TV Samsung TQ55QN700C, The Terrace Samsung TQ55LST7, Samsung TQ65QN700C, Samsung TQ65QN800C, Samsung TQ65QN900C, Samsung TQ65LST7, Samsung TQ75QN90C, Samsung TQ7 5QN95C, Samsung TQ75QN700C, Samsung TQ75QN800C, Samsung TQ75QN900C , Samsung TQ75LST7, Samsung TQ65S95C, Samsung TQ85QN85C, Samsung TQ85QN86C, Samsung TQ85QN800C, Samsung TQ85QN900C or Samsung TQ85LS03B

Details of the offer are available in participating stores and on the brand's website :

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