Samsung and LG Display Oled/LCD TV agreement signed for 5 years!

If you follow, you already know that an agreement exists between LG Display and Samsung Electronics for the supply of the first to the second of 10 million White Oled TV panels by 2026 (see our news Oled TV Agreement Samsung/LG Display 2024-2026, it’s signed!). This agreement would now cover a period of five years and would also include the supply of LCD panels. Formerly enemy brothers, the union now provides strength between the two Korean groups to resist Chinese brands.

It is thanks to this agreement between Samsung Electronics and LG Display that the Samsung Oled TV range presented at the CES show in Las Vegas included a number of new diagonals: 42'', 48'' and 83'', all of White Oled of course. And if Samsung Display manufactures 55'', 65'' and 77'' QD Oled panels, it is certain that such Woled panels from LG Display will also appear in the Samsung 2024 catalog.

5-year LG Display/Samsung agreement for 5 million White Oled panels ££££

The market analysis and research firm DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants) indicates: “Several sources in Asia reported last week that Samsung Visual Display (Editor's note: the TV division of Samsung Electronics) had entered into a long-term supply agreement with LG Display for the supply of LCD and Oled display panels. Our sources confirmed that "The deal expands existing relations between the two Korean giants, both of which face fierce competition from Chinese players." Thus, LG Display would provide between 700,000 and 800,000 Oled TV panels for the year 2024. On the other hand, if the figure of 10 million Oled TV panels had initially been mentioned between 2023 and 2026, this would now be 5 million for the next five years. As we have been repeating for several quarters on AVcesar, the Oled TV market is no longer as buoyant as expected for the coming years, hence a reduction in volumes desired by Samsung. Last clarification still from DSCC, the contract would only concern classic Oled panels, and not MLA panels: “Our sources suggest that the majority of the volume supplied will be made up of standard white Oled panels, and not the most advanced products equipped with the highest LGD MLA 2.0 technology. These panels will undoubtedly constitute the entirety of the new Samsung S85D Oled TV series (see our CES 24 news > Samsung S85D TV, QD Oled Ultra HD TV 4K 42'', 48'', 55'', 65' ' and 77'' announced). Last clarification, if this agreement undoubtedly allows the LG Display company to envisage the future under better auspices, the financial situation of the latter will however remain tense relegating to the Greek calendars the erection of the Oled TV panel factory of 10.5th generation intended for the manufacture of very large diagonals (85'' and more) at a more affordable cost than currently.

LG Display/Samsung 5-year agreement for several million IPS LCD panels££££

The other part of this agreement between the two South Korean groups concerns the supply of LCD panels signed LG Display and Samsung Electronics. This is not a first: the two Asian giants have already been collaborating in this way for several years. However, the volume of LG Display panels in Samsung TVs will increase significantly in the years to come, from 2024. For the latter, deliveries of LG Display LCD panels, therefore IPS technology, would account for 5 to 6 million units. . Here again this is not a first, the Ultra HD 8K Samsung QN800C series 2023 is for example already equipped with an IPS LCD panel. More generally, for 2023, DSSC estimates the supply of LG Display to Samsung Electronics at 3 million IPS LCD panels.