MyArcade Atari Gamestation Portable, new Atari retro portable console for the fall

More food for thought for fans of retro video games, this time with a portable and modern version of the good old Atari 2600, the Atari Gamestation Portable from the manufacturer MyArcade.

After the home console The Atari 400 which arrives next March, another manufacturer specializing in retro - MyArcade - also decides to pay homage to the video game pioneer Atari with MyArcade Atari Gamestation Portable, which as its name suggests is a portable console.

MyArcade Atari Gamestation Portable, integrated trackball and wheel££££

Presented at the last CES show in Las Vegas 2024, the machine integrates more than 200 classic Atari titles (not just VCS2600 titles), playable on a 7'' (17.8 cm) HD screen. On the controls side, there is a direction pad but also a trackball and a wheel, to emulate the sensations of certain games of yesteryear like the brick breaker Breakout.

Also featuring two USB-C ports (one for power, and the other for adding games?) the console will be available around September or October 2024. Target target price: $149.