Meta, first “fan” of the Apple Vision Pro?

Unofficially, Apple's main competitor in the mixed reality sector seems to more than appreciate this newcomer.

"I think the Apple Vision Pro announcement really highlights the difference in values and vision that our companies bring in a way that I think is really important," Mark Zuckerberg said off-screen afterward. the announcement of the Vision Pro in June 2023. It would naturally have been too good for the CEO of Meta (manufacturer of the VR Quest headsets and apostle of the metaverse) to officially sing the praises of its brand new competitor Apple at the time.

Apple Vision Pro, the best ambassador for Meta Quest headsets and the metaverse?££££

But while the Apple Vision Pro is on the launch pad, the story has apparently changed at Meta, if we are to believe anonymous testimonies collected by the Wall Street Journal. The company's leaders see in this competitor a validation of the bet taken by Facebook in becoming Meta in 2021, to devote itself mainly to virtual reality. Meta employees today see their Quest headset and its software as a primary alternative to the Apple Vision Pro, much like Android is to the iPhone. In addition, Meta would not hesitate to draw inspiration from Apple's philosophy, namely the “spatial computer” which operates on the virtual alteration of its real environment in order to work and play.

Since the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro in June, the Meta group has been increasingly focused on mixed reality. Moreover, some developers simplify their applications to “take inspiration” from Apple ergonomics, i.e. control with the eyes and gestures rather than with joysticks.