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Rick and Michonne from The Walking Dead are coming to Call of Duty

Zombie alert! The Walking Dead series formalizes its partnership with the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 via a first teaser.

The images of the game, the music of the series and the universe of both will intersect for the greatest pleasure of fans of Call of Duty and The Walking Dead, who could not dream of a better new. Indeed, the official account for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 announces that “Rick and Michonne from The Walking Dead and The Ones Who Lives will make a sensational entrance into the Call of Duty universe”.

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A dream that comes true (virtual) for many since the game, equipped with the famous Zombies online mode, will be able to be upgraded with The Walking Dead style. However, we will certainly have to wait a little before the first images of this happy marriage are produced and available in a full-fledged video game, with playable characters from the series (gameplay), whether in the main game or via the Zombie mode. Note that Call of Duty has already established partnerships with Dune and The Boys in the past.