After Creed, the Rocky spin-off film, soon a spin off on Ivan Drago?

A film derived from Creed, itself already derived from the Rocky saga? It's possible with Ivan Drago. A film about the character and his son Viktor is reportedly in development.

The information comes from Dolph Lungren himself, the interpreter of Ivan Drago, the Russian boxer who faces Rocky (Stallone) in Rocky IV. This new cinematic iteration would also focus on his son Viktor (Florian Munteanu). A first rumor on this subject came out last July, and Robert Lawton was even hired to write the script. The latter would have built a story around the Russian boxer Drago who appeared for the first time in Rocky IV in 1985 and who made his comeback in Creed II in 2018.

Welcome to America££££

Dolph Lungren explains: “MGM was in the process of developing the screenplay called Drago centered on my character and that of my son. Things dragged on and the studio changed priorities. Creed III did very well, so they started focusing on a Creed IV. The story they had on Draco's storyline was interesting, it was sort of an arrival in America, with an immigration angle, with my character and his son, and it was pretty cool."

The actor adds that following disappointments in the pre-production of Creed IV, the development of Drago would still be on the table. The latest news (as of November), the studio announced that Michael B. Jordan would return to direct a fourth installment of Creed. Apart from Dolph Lungren's recent statements, the studio has not communicated about Drago since the information was released last July. Source: