Oled TV LG 2022, Chromecast compatibility (integrated) approaching…

As part of the WebOS Re:New feature guaranteeing four successive years of TV operating system updates, Chromecast compatibility is coming to LG TVs.

On the occasion of the CES show in Las Vegas 2024, the LG Electronics representatives met a few hours before the opening of the show announced to us the arrival of the Chromecast functionality (integrated) would arrive on the next WebOS update of Oled LG televisions vintage 2022.

Chromecast (integrated) on the LG Oled TV 2022££££

An update which is part of the WebOS Re:New program recently announced by the brand, which is excellent news which will allow Owners of an LG Smart TV can benefit, for four years following their purchase, from the latest version of the LG operating system, and all the associated new features. So an owner of an LG 2022 Oled TV can benefit from the next WebOS 24 and a new WebOS every year until WebOS 26. As a reminder, Chromecast allows you to share videos, music and other media from a smartphone, tablet or PC to the TV screen, as long as it is Wi-Fi compatible.

Chromecast (integrated) also on the LG 2023 Oled TV… ?££££

On the other hand, no information on the arrival of the Chromecast functionality (integrated) on the LG QNED99 and LG Mini LED TVs QNED95 2022 vintages mentioned in the brand's WebOs Re:New communication. The same goes for the LG Flex, LG Objet and LG Posé Oled TVs, also belonging to the 2022 TV range. Of course, this goes without saying (in fact LG has not said it), the LG 2023 Oled TVs should also benefit from Chromecast functionality (integrated), again through a future Firmware update.