It transforms the PS5 Slim into… a tablet!

It may have recently been upgraded to Slim format, but the PS5 is still not small enough for this DIY YouTuber who took it apart to make a tablet.

After a copper version, then a wooden one, then a Slim model a year before Sony released its own edition, YouTuber Matt from the DIY Perks channel takes it to the next level with a transportable PlayStation 5, compressed into a tablet.

PS5 tablet, the problem of the heat sink££££

No imaginary 3D concept here, but real meticulous engineering work (detailed in the video below) which, in passing, teaches us something more about how our electronic gadgets work. The first difficulty of the initiative was to reduce the size of the heat sink, a component which already occupied an enormous space in the original PS5 and still imposing in the Slim version.

PS5 tablet, added speakers, subwoofer and 4K UHD screen££££

We'll let you watch the video to see how Matt solved all the small problems of miniaturization, for example using tubes to divert heat, fans smaller than the original, and of course adding speakers and even a mini subwoofer, without forgetting the magnificent Ultra HD 4K Oled screen literally taken from a laptop.