Calman and TV TCL C735/C835/C935 and TCL C745/C845, 1D Lut/3D Lut calibrations available

If we mentioned the possibility of 1D Lut and 3D Lut settings optimized for perfect or almost perfect calibration of many TCL TVs in our columns at the beginning of October (see our TCL C745/C845 TV news, 1D Lut/3D Lut settings approaching… ), it's now easy with the latest version of Calman software.

If you regularly read, you know that the possibility of making perfect 1D Lut (gray scale) and 3D Lut (gamut) adjustments on LG Oled TVs according to the screen profile to then integrate them into the within TVs offers exceptional results for their fine calibration. This is why LG Oled televisions display almost perfect measurements in our SDR and HDR benchmarks.

TV TCL 2022/2023, optimized 1D Lut and 3D Lut settings££££

As mentioned above, this functionality, until now the prerogative of LG screens, is now available in a simplified simplified version via the new iteration of Calman calibration software. Although this had already been possible for several months, it was difficult to implement. Today, nothing could be simpler, its support is native within Calman.

TCL C735/TCL C835 and TCL C935 vintage 2022 and TCL C745/TCL C845 vintage 2023££££

Owners of a TCL 2022 model reference C735/C835/C935, or vintage 2023 TCL C745/C845 can now also benefit from perfect calibration by downloading a 1D Lut and a 3D Lut. Believe us, this will truly be a game-changer and will significantly improve the quality of the displayed image.