CES 24 > Samsung HW-Q990D, Dolby Atmos 11.1.4/DTS:X soundbar, 120 Hz and Q-Symphony 3.0

At the same time as its new Neo QLED Ultra HD 8K and Oled televisions, Samsung presented part of its new soundbar range at the CES show in Las Vegas 2024. Good news, the flagship Samsung HW-Q990D model offers a mode Pass-Throught HDMI 120 hertz.

The Ultra HD 4K 120 Hz compatibility of the Samsung HW-Q990D allows you to connect a latest generation game console, PS5 or Xbox Series X, or a Gaming PC via HDMI and enjoy it on a suitable television. Perfect for ergonomics and to free up an HDMI input on the TV.

The Samsung HW-Q990D of course includes the Q-Symphony 2024 function capable of activating only a portion, and simultaneously, of the speakers of the TV and the soundbar. Thus, the sound fits perfectly with the action taking place on the screen for ever greater immersion.

Samsung HW-Q990D, main specifications

In addition to the Q-Symphony 2024 label, the Samsung HW-Q990D includes a few other developments, for example the SpaceFit Sound Pro process and the Game Bar 2024. The first, in the presence of a Samsung 2020/2021/2022/2023 TV , sends a succession of sound messages and analyzes their frequency response, their echo and the return speed to indicate to the soundbar the optimum acoustic treatment to apply depending on the room (a microphone is present in the subwoofer to precise calibration of the latter). The second allows you to make the most of your favorite games with the best possible audio-video quality.

Samsung HW-Q990D, total of 22 speakers

The Samsung HW-Q990D is supplied with a wireless surround speaker kit to recreate a true surround sound environment (see photo above). Namely, the total power delivered by the soundbar accompanied by its subwoofer and its surrounds (front + lateral + Up-Firing speaker for each) displays 656 W for a total of 22 speakers in 11.1.4 configuration . Each end of the soundbar has two speakers to further expand the sound space. The subwoofer is still a wireless specimen.

Samsung HW-Q990D, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and AVA

As announced in the title of this news, the Samsung HW-Q990D soundbar is Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatible. Management of MP3, AAC, Wav, Ogg, Flac, AIFF, Alac and Wav files is also provided.

Wireless Dolby Atmos compatibility is of course essential: a suitable soundtrack is therefore decoded and broadcast by the soundbar and the television without any wired connection. Likewise, the subwoofer benefits from Acoustic Lens technology for wider diffusion of low frequencies.

Similarly, Bluetooth compatibility allows you to enjoy, via streaming, the content of a suitable device and transform the Samsung HW-Q990D into a Hi-Fi system. Or even connect a suitable television wirelessly. Please note, it is also possible to connect TV and soundbar wirelessly using the Wi-Fi function. Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2 and Chromecast (integrated) compatibility are required.

The AVA (Active Voice Amplifier) function is still in place in 2024, intended to cover new noise in the TV environment automatically. For example that of a kettle or a vacuum cleaner which will be covered by an increase in volume managed directly by the TV. Don't panic, the TV lowers the sound, always automatically, when the noise stops.

For its part, artificial intelligence analyzes the signal frequency in real time, instantly optimizing the sound processing to best match the scene displayed on the screen.

Samsung HW-Q990D, connectivity

On the connectors menu, we notice two HDMI CEC 2.0a inputs/one output to exploit HDR10, HDR10+ and HDR Dolby Vision in Pass-Trough, HDCP 2.3 certified, for perfect compatibility with Ultra HD Blu-Ray discs plus an optic. The HDMI output supports the eARC function.

Samsung HW-Q990D, SmartThings compatibilities

Also, Samsung has reduced the height of the HW-Q990D to 69.5 mm, no more, in order to facilitate its integration under the brand's TVs of course, but also under most televisions on the market. Of course, the Samsung HW-Q990D, compatible with the SmartThings home application, can be easily integrated into a connected home installation. Likewise, the Works with Alexa, Works with Hey Google and Works with Apple AirPlay certifications are on the menu. It is therefore possible to control the Samsung HW-Q990D by voice via Alexa or Google Assistant, respectively with an Amazon Echo or Google Home type speaker.

Availability announced for spring. Indicative price still unknown.