28 days later the return, 22 years later

Twenty-two years after the release of 28 Days Later in theaters, Danny Boyle and Alex Garland are preparing to team up again for the “revival” of the horror film franchise.

Titled 28 Years Later, the film will not only be a sequel (like 28 Weeks Later released in 2007, which Boyle and Garland were content to produce) but the start of a new cinematographic trilogy . To give you an idea, we would be closer to the model of rebooting the 2018 Halloween franchise.

Contaminated Vs survivors

The original film 28 Days Later, released in 2002 in France, features an Animal Protection commando who burst into a top secret laboratory to rescue dozens of chimpanzees subjected to terrible experiments. But as soon as they are released, the primates, contaminated by a mysterious virus and driven by uncontrollable rage, pounce on their saviors and massacre them. 28 days later, the disease has spread at lightning speed across the country, the population has been evacuated en masse and London is nothing more than a ghost town. The rare survivors go into hiding to escape the “contaminated” thirsty for violence. It is in this context that Jim, a courier, comes out of a deep coma…

A new film every year?

Danny Boyle will direct the first part with Alex Garland, who has already decided to write and produce the entire new trilogy (a rumor suggests that the pace would be one new film per year). The budget for each film is expected to be around $75 million. The package is expected to be submitted to studios, streaming platforms and other potential buyers no later than this week. Source: Hollywood Reporter