CES 24 > Hisense Canvas TV: Ultra HD 4K Lifestyle TV for a painting on the wall

The manufacturer already presented at the IFA show in Berlin 2023 which was held in September, on an entire wall, its new design TV called at the time Hisense 65M1. A Lifestyle television intended to compete head-on with The Frame TV series from Samsung (see our complete file on these models). Also present at the CES show in Las Vegas 2024, its name has changed to Canvas TV.

The manufacturer Hisense has decided to be present in many segments of the TV market, including that of Lifestyle televisions, i.e. models focused on design. The Canvas TV model, available in three screen sizes, 55'' (140 cm), 65'' (165 cm) and 75'' (191-cm), is also intended to be fixed to the wall at like a painting. And we must admit that it was successful.

Hisense Canvas TV, board or photo frame

As you can see in the photos of this news, the Hisense Canvas TV screen aims to blend in perfectly with a painting on the wall, when it is not used to broadcast an audio-video source of course, TNT or 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray or even video games. For this, it is the Vidaa “home” interface which is implemented via the Vidaa Art application.

Hisense Canvas TV, customizable panel framing

We still know little about the technical characteristics of this screen. At the IFA show in Berlin, Hisense mentioned a Mini LED backlighting system for the M1 capable of displaying a light peak of 2,500 nits, but this mention has disappeared from the Canvas TV. What is it exactly? On the other hand, the contained thickness announced in Berlin, 2.75 cm, is still required and the rear of the screen is organized to optimize wall hanging as close as possible to the wall and fully exploit the picture effect. Finally, the Canvas TV frame is customizable.

More details on this screen later. The marketing of the Hisense Canvas TV 65'' reference is announced for the last quarter of 2024. Indicative price: €1,100 for Hisense Canvas TV55, €1,300 for Hisense Canvas TV65 and €1,500 for Hisense Canvas TV75.

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