PS One portable concept, 3D modeling right down to the printed circuits

Retro-modern marriage with this concept of the ancestral PlayStation transformed into a portable console.

Specializing in teaching 3D modeling, the YouTube channel Moi3d Not Pomoi demonstrates its talents with a portable PS One console concept created by Vadim Danilkov.

PS One, with integrated audio CD player

Evolution of the original PlayStation, the PS One is a more compact version released in 2000, and here it is even more compact since it has been transformed from a living room model into a portable console. This concept pushes the vice as far as integrating the original audio CD player, ensuring compatibility with all existing games.

PS One, carefully modeled concept

We will appreciate the level of detail which gives the illusion of having a real product in front of our eyes, the artist having gone so far as to model each printed circuit, button, and interlocking plastic element.