Apple Watch Vs death, another victory

New episode in our series “The Apple Watch saves another life, finally give it a medal! ”.

It is always with pleasure and without wearying that we bring you the examples of bravery of our electronic gadgets whose functionalities literally contribute to saving lives. To maintain habits, it is still the Apple Watch connected watch that is in the spotlight, once again thanks to its electrocardiogram function.

An Apple Watch for heart prevention

In Wichita, Kansas, Nick Gallegos gives an Apple Watch to his father Michael. One day the watch shows that his heart rate is 40 per minute over a 10 minute period. An abnormal figure which causes an alert, as well as a notification to his son. The latter takes his father to the emergency room, and he was well off since the hospital detected a heart disease requiring the implantation of a pacemaker.

A word to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

The operation is successful and the doctors explain that without this intervention, Michael would have had only a short time to live. Son Nick sent a thank you email to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who responded less than two hours later: “Hello Nick, I'm so glad your father sought medical help. and received the treatment he needed. Thank you so much for sharing his story with us. Send him my best thoughts.” Source: ABC