End of the Apple App Store monopoly in Japan too?

After Europe, it is also Japan which wants to force Apple to accommodate alternative stores on the iPhone to the hegemonic App Store.

A little reminder of the situation, in 2024 the Apple company is supposed to give in to new European legislation allowing the installation of third-party application stores on iPhone and other iOS devices, where only the official App Store was authorized, and this, since its debut on the iPhone.

Japan wants to be inspired by the European DMA

Named Digital Markets Act (DMA), this new “digital markets legislation” will allow the installation of alternative stores on iPhone, even if Apple will try by all means to prevent this attack on its monopoly. And it's not just in Europe that Apple will have to defend itself since Japan wants to impose similar legislation on the company. This is what the Japanese media Nikkei Asia reveals, affirming that Japan is preparing measures similar to the DMA.

Towards more affordable iOS applications?

Aim of the maneuver, to allow Japanese applications to be installed on alternative online stores, in order to offer a more advantageous price to customers. Indeed, Apple taking advantage of its App Store to systematically take a large percentage of the price for its Apple, application publishers tend to increase their prices to preserve their margin.