Top 10 most pirated series in 2023: Netflix absent

The HBO series The Last of Us wins the 2023 prize for the most pirated series of the year.

In this pivotal period between two years, it is traditional to establish the Top of the most pirated series of the last twelve months. A ranking which upsets producers and content creators, but also proves their public success.

The Last of Us, the pirated success of the year

After several years at the top of this ranking, Game of Thrones finally gave up its place in 2020 in favor of Star Wars the Mandalorian, then WandaVision in 2021 and House of the Dragon last year. This year, it is the adaptation of the video game The Last of Us which takes the lead, followed by Star Wars and Marvel from Disney+.

Moreover, we notice that the works most represented in the Top 10 come from Disney+, then Apple TV+, HBO, Paramount+ and Prime Video. The remarkable absence of Netflix is certainly due to the increasingly pronounced fragmentation of the streaming offer, the majority of viewers already having Netflix and not wishing to subscribe to additional services. Finally, note that this Top established by Torrentfreak is based on file exchanges with the BitTorrent protocol, and does not take into account pirate streaming and download sites, which do not share their viewing data.

Top 10 most pirated series in 2023

1 The Last of Us - HBO

2 The Mandalorian - Disney+

3 Loki - Disney+

4 Ahsoka - Disney+

5 Secret Invasion - Disney+

6 Silo - Apple TV+

7 Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - Apple TV+

8 Tusla King - Paramount+

9 Gen V - Prime Video

10 Ted Lasso - Apple TV+