iPhone 16: better microphone for better Siri

Siri should gain ground next year thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, but also via an improved microphone so you don't miss anything you ask it.

According to the latest indiscretions collected on Asian manufacturing lines by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple plans to improve the microphone of the next iPhone 16, to support the Siri voice assistant which will also become more efficient.

A word to Ming-Chi Kuo

“Strengthening Siri's hardware and software features and specifications is key to promoting AI-generated content,” Kuo says, adding that Apple's AI ambitions will rely heavily on understanding the voice of the 'user. The iPhone 16 microphone should therefore have a better signal-to-noise ratio to significantly improve the Siri experience, alongside better water resistance.

This information corroborates previous rumors which announced iOS18 equipped with a much better voice assistant Siri, to support an iPhone 16 range which would not bring much in terms of hardware.